Types of Transactions

  • Cash Sales– Normal sales with current payments
    • Reversal of these are Cash Credit Notes
    • Note that you can select any Customer here, which extends the functionality of Customer Notifications, Address/contact details on receipts, PIN number for returns.
  • Invoice Delivery – To customers with credit allowance, who would normally pay later
    • Reversal of these are Customer Credit Notes
    • Credit Limits & Credit Terms (days) can be set in Customer Properties
  • Supplier Invoice
    • Reversal of these are Supplier Credit Notes
  • Sales Order – Used for when you need to ‘book stocks’ a sale for a customer.
  • Purchase Order – Used to record planned purchases. Best to email these immediately to your supplier (or at least to record the agreed quantity and rates agreed between you and your supplier).
  • Internal Delivery In/Out – For recording stock transfers between disconnected branches.
  • Stock Transfer – Used to transfers between warehouses. You have a choice to pick the warehouse goods are FROM and TO which they are being transferred to.
  • Stock Adjustment – These are created from Products > Stock Adjustment, usually used when performing Stock Takes
  • Quotation – To quote a price to a customer
  • Packing List – Automatically generated after a sale, usually used for stock picking (printing without prices), in any layout/printer of your choice.
  • Payment Receipt – Shown when you pay a customer or supplier.
  • Expense – Shown when withdrawing from a bank account.
  • Statement – Shown from Customer or Supplier History which shows the statement of account.