VAA (Vat Auto Assessment) by KRA

Works for both; SALES & PURCHASE VAA

KRA’s Vat Auto Assessment are files sent by KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) for inconsistencies in VAT returns between you and your customers.

For this, you simply open or paste in your VAA CSV file data into Raminian’s Sheets (Menu Tools icon > Sheets), and click the VAT Auto Assessment button on the Raminian tab.

Watch the video below to see how quickly you can find answers to your VAA questions. Raminian checks and reports for:

  • PIN number matching
  • Document Number matching
  • Date Range matching (between + and – of 6 months)
  • Document Name ‘similar’ to

The closest matched result will be shown on the right. Majority of your work will be solved with this tool, so you only need to manual hunt down the ones highlighted in orange (“NOT FOUND”). These are most likely completed incorrect submissions by the other party (your customer or supplier).