Raminian has an annual licensing structure.
Along with your license, we provide remote tech support, regular upgrades and fixes.

Note that you will be alerted if the license is going to expire within 30 days.

Local License #

Add a License #

  1. The below window is accessible when starting Raminian or by clicking on the LICENSE status on the bottom-right.
  2. Select the ‘Local License’ type
  3. Click OK

  1. Paste the License Key issued to you
  2. Click Install to verify the license
    (Internet required for this process)
Activate a License without internet #
Raminian Manual Activation

Error seen when there is no internet

The license needs to be authenticated with our server. Clicking INSTALL attempts to do this, but if it fails (due to lack of internet), then you will see the below image.

From here, you can

  • SAVE a request file on your computer
  • Find a way (copy to another computer/cyber cafe) to email it to us (at support[at]cecypo.tech)
  • We will return an authenticated file back to you
  • You can use the “Load License” button to active your computer now.

Network Floating License #

Add license from a Floating License Service #

On the Licensing WindowFloating License

  • Select Floating Network License
  • Enter the Name or IP address of the computer where the license service is running.
    (We recommend using an IP address as it’s faster.)
Installing the Floating License Service #

In most cases, we will be performing this task for you during implementation of Raminian.

  1. Open command prompt as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to C:Program Files (x86)Cecypo LimitedRaminian
  3. You may execute the command you wish to perform:
    To install the service: RaminianLicenseService /I
    To add/change the license: RaminianLicenseService /L
    To uninstall the service: RaminianLicenseService /U

That’s it!