Learn about your products

A big reason why people use Raminian is for it’s insights into products.

Learn about your products

  • performance
  • stock
  • cost and selling history

Make informed decisions in your business to beat your competitors!

Cost Price History #

From Reports > Reports > Cost Price Change History

Below you can see a trailing history for a product called GI ELBOW 1/2″


  • Report is shown in a ZIZ-ZAG pattern indicated by the arrows
  • (Green Box) is the NEWEST date & cost at 19.14
    • (Blue Box) On 11/May it was 38.80 (therefore a drop of 81%)
  • The first arrow goes to the same date; 11/May, where the price is still 34.80 and prior to that, the price is 23.20 on 28/Apr
  • Note that the 3rd row’s “Newer Date” now changes to 12/Sep/19, which means that there was no change in the products cost between 12/Sep/2019 and 28/Apr/2020

Stock Card or Product History #

From Reports > Transction History > Select the Products tab

Transaction History – Products

Product Performance #

(From Reports > Transction History > Select the Products tab > Search for a product > Click the lightning icon)
Use Product Performance gives you the distribution percentage between your customers, here you can see that 50% of an item is only bought by a single customer, and 92% of this product is bought by the first two customers.

ACTION POINT: Advertise this product to more customers

Product Performance

Profit by Product #

From Reports > Reports > Profit by Product

*Icons, Data Bars, Color Scales can be added by right clicking a column and selecting Conditional Formatting

Calculation of Profit / Margin / Markup #

Selling Price
Cost PriceGross Profit
Markup % = (Gross Profit / Cost Price) * 100

Margin % = (Gross Profit / Selling Price) * 100

Example: Product with a cost of 1,500/-

  • Add MARKUP of 33.33% will result in a profit of 500/-, resulting in a selling price of 2,000/-
  • Add a MARGIN of 25%, will give you the same profit of 500/-, and a sell price of 2,000/-

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