With Raminian you can use various types of barcodes to:

  • Scan (multiple) barcodes per product. (Add barcodes as a Product Property)
  • Sell using any barcode scanner
  • Generate barcodes for your products and mail-merge them into any sticker paper (avery labels for example)
  • Handle same products with multiple barcodes as well!

Enabling barcoding #

  • Enable from Options > Settings > Shared Settings > Enable Transactions – Enable Barcode Automation

Adding barcodes #

From Products > Product Editor or Products List

Find your product, click on the Barcode field, scan your barcode using your scanner.

Sell using a barcode scanner #

Simply connect any USB Barcode scanner, open transactions, focus on the products area, and scan your barcode.

Your product will automatically be loaded with a quantity of 1. If you continue to scan the same or or come back to it after a few product scans, it will update the quantity by +1.

Generate barcode labels #

Generate your own unique barcode labels in any design you want!

Generate from Products Lists > Barcode Options

Here, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Automatically generate barcodes based on code or product name.
  • Select the layout file(s) (.repx) for the design you wish to print.
  • Repeat barcodes by the number of inventory count or a fixed number.



Printing/Generating Barcodes
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