Promotional Messages

Below explains some troubleshooting for delivery to Safaricom SIM’s. Safaricom has introduced a way of blocking ALL promotional messages which is currently the default method of unsubscribing and causing a lot of bounces.

Activation & Deactivation Process #

Subscriber USSD Journey – *456# #

  1. Dial *456# and select 9 for STOP
  2. Select 5 for Marketing Messages
  3. Select Your Prefered Option:
    • Stop by Sender Name
    • Stop ALL Promo Messages
    • View Stopped Sender Names
    • Activate by Sender Name
    • Activate ALL Promo Messages

Important Notes #

You can check individual senders that are STOPPED and reactivate them by selecting Option 5 from the previous page.
You can whitelist and blacklist all senders using the “ALL” option.
Note: You may experience challenges receiving messages from particular senders in the event you opted-out and opted-in again. The solution for this is for the subscriber to contact the Safaricom call centre.
All senders categorised as Promotional can be stopped by the mobile subscriber using the above-mentioned procedure.
Senders that are created or considered as transactional cannot be Activated or Deactivated by the mobile subscriber.

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