About Remote Support

What is Remote Support

By downloading and running (no installation required), our technical team can connect to your computer to help you.

We will be able to control your keyboard and mouse and view your monitors(s).

To stop the session, simply close the program!

What does it cost?

This will usually depend on the amount of time we need to spend to remotely solve your issue.

There will be a minimum charge of KES 2,000 + VAT per support session, unless the task is already covered under our licensed softwares.

Unattended Management

Unattended access, requires a separate installation, which allows our team to connect to your PC/Server anytime, without constant authorization from you.

This is a paid annual service with which we will remotely maintain your device with regular updates and checks. This also allows us to provide instant support whenever required.

Is it Safe/Secure?

Safe depends on who has control.
Our software is only used by our team, who are trained to assist you.

Trust the Cecypo name for quality and honesty.


  • Encrypted Connection
  • We use a trusted, industry-trusted utility.
  • Password Protected
  • User can disable features (such as disable viewing monitor or access to command prompt)
  • Simply close the application if you wish to disconnect us!