BitDefender GravityZone

High level of centralized protection for all your devices

Protect Devices

End-user PC’s, Servers, Mobiles, Exchange, IoT

Central Management

Centrally control all functions from the web portal

Web Control

Scans web traffic and easily configurable blocking system by category

Web Control

Restrict networks & websites. Example, only allow domains and block others, or only block social media/gaming

Device Control

Block access to USB, Network, Printers, Scanners connected to your devices

Block USB

Most infections occur over USB devices! Block all USB devices or allow only specific company issued ones

Best in Class

BitDefender is rated as one of the top antivirus solution companies in the world!

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Centralized Protection

Centralize your protection to the cloud. Even with some devices restricted from the net, you can have fully protected endpoints!

  • Quarantine to the Cloud
  • Download updates to one PC/Server to distribute to others
  • Policy Rules to easily group different rules per group of computers
  • Hyperdetect provides a layer against hacking tools, fileless attacks, zero-day malware and more
  • Cecypo.Tech provides a fully managed service for Bitdefender GravityZone – we assist in setting up and configuring your rules so you can sit back and relax!

Web/Device Protection

Effective content protection by Bitdefender GravityZone allows you to ensure protection from online threats!

Take the following scenarios which can be handled easily;

  • Need to restrict USB Flash Disks from connecting?
  • Wish to allow only ONE flash disk on a PC (or all PC’s)?
  • Need to limit websites which can be reached?
    • Allow ONLY or .gov domains?
    • Allow general browsing but want to restrict sites which fall into categories such as Gambling, Gaming, Adult, Violence, Time Wasters?
  • Reporting allows you to quickly see which sites or devices are being blocked

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