Mpesa Manager

mpesamanager.cecypo.com is Cecypo’s MPESA integration that connects to your MPESA (Lipa Na Mpesa or Paybill) account.

While it’s a standalone application, our API allows Raminian to connect to live MPESA transactions for your sales/bank entries!

  • Works with Lipa Na Mpesa (Till Number)
  • Works with PayBill Accounts
  • STK Push directly from Raminian (popup payment message on customers phone)
  • View all transactions, consumption status and customer details from the app

Mpesa Manager is also integrated with SLACK and MICROSOFT TEAMS!

Slack Commands:

To use STK PUSH: /mpesa {phone} {amount} {account}

To use TRANSACTION STATUS: /mpesacheck {TxnID}

How to Request MPESA #

You can push a popup message on a customers phone via the STK PUSH function by MPESA

Payment Entry in Transactions

Enter the phone number

  1. Click REQUEST to request payment via MPESA. You will be asked to enter a phone number, or one will be loaded from a CONTACT, if pre-selected.
  2. The Customer will get the following popup message on their phone. Older phone will not get this automatically, so they can simply pay and add the ACCOUNT NUMBER “1338”.
  3. Once the customer pays, the CHECK button can be used (multiple times) to keep checking if the payment has been made.

Sample message seen on customers phone

You can also get payments using a phone number or transaction ID. Simply Click on the [ico type=”icon-plus-sign”] next to MPESA. This action is shown below under Transaction Query

Transaction Query #

It is possible, due to a connectivity/upgrade issue, that data is not sent by Safaricom or not received by Mpesa Manager.

In this RARE case, you simply use a function called “Transaction Query” to request back a transaction.

Below shows the normal Mpesa entry form, which you can find payments using a PHONE NUMBER or TRANSACTION ID

The search button (shown as 2 above), performs the following functions;

  1. Clicking will search the database for a payment (by phone number or transaction ID)
    *Which is only shown if unused.
  2. 3rd click of this button, checks online and download any new payments made, between the last online connection and now.
  3. 4th click shows the below image, which requires the Transaction ID (NOT the phone number) to request Safaricom to re-send the payment into to MpesaManager, which in-turn, allows Raminian POS to see payments.

Mpesa Transactions #

Payments can easily be seen just like any bank transaction, as shown below. All information, such as the name of sender, phone nunber, transaction ID are recorded;



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