Known Issues / Caveats


The below explains how KRA handles decimals, which causes differences in values. Once KRA advises on a better way forward, this issue will remain.

Extract from KRA’s communication on 8th August 2022 entitled “Status of Issues Arising from Stakeholders on TIMS”. Original document can be found below.


The TIMS devices have no provision for final discounts. Hence the discount must be absorbed into the line items. An example is shown below:The above sale only becomes possible after the discount is absorbed into the first item (selected due to it’s smallest quantity, reducing issues created by the decimal place issue mentioned above).
Note: This means that a credit note, ONLY for “Item #2”, at it’s original rate of 20/-, cannot be processed, as it was recorded at 11.60!


To check the report for such issues, go to your iTax account, under the TIMS menu, click “Report on invoice discrepancies for Taxpayer”.
Errors shown on this report may include Invalid HSCodes (KRA times updates HSCodes), Invalid PIN numbers, or Invalid Vat Amount (this is explained below).

Notice from Aug 2022 #

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