Product Offers (BOGO)

Raminian allows a powerful Product Offer module, often called BOGO (Buy One Get One).

Below is an example of what’s possible:

  • Buy 10 of Item A, get 1 Free
    Buy 20 of Item A, get 2 Free + 1% Discount
    Buy 30 of Item A, get 1 Supermarket Voucher
  • Buy 1 of Item B, get 1% Discount
    Buy 2 of Item B, get 10/- Discount
  • Buy 10 of Item C, get 1 Item A for Free
    Buy 10 of Item C, get 1 Item A for Free + 5% Discount

Each offer can be restricted to a date period, automatically starting and ending on the selected dates!
You can also restrict the offer if the price offered is too low to justify the offer!

Sample Offer Template for distribution/advertising

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