After Print Processor

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The After Print Processor is a queue system which kicks in AFTER a document is printed.

It works as described below:

  • After printing a document, it goes into a Queue
  • The new queue item can only be processed after 15 seconds of being added
  • The 15s window allows other systems to perform tasks to documents
    • PrintAndWatch is a standalone tool from us which can watch ESD folders and extract the ESD signature and import it into Raminian. This feature is pretty unique to Raminian.
  • After 15s, if any user closes the Transaction Form, or addss a new document into the Queue (by printing a new document), the Queued item starts processing.

Processing the Queue #

  • If the internet is active,
    • The Document will get processed for the following features, if enabled;
      • Exported into a PDF folder (Set this from Options > Settings > Till Settings > PDF Export Folder)
      • Customer Notifications – Set from Customer Editor
        • SMS to the customer (Set this from Options > Settings > Integrations > SMS)
        • Email to the customer (if enabled and if an email address exists)

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