eTims Items Classification

Column Definitions #

Column nameExplanation
itemClsCdItem Class Code
itemClsNmItem Class Name
itemClsLvlItem Class Level
taxTyCdTaxation Type Code
mjrTgYnWhether it is frequently used item
useYnUsed / UnUsed

Items Class table #

99000000VAT Act1Y
99011000Exempt Goods (Paragraph 1 – 99)3Y
99011001Bovine Semen of tariff number 051110004Y
99011002Fish eggs and roes of tariff number 05119901104Y
99011003Animal semen other than of bovine of tariff number 05119990104Y
99011004Soya beans whether or not broken of tariff numbers 12011000 and 120190004Y
99011005Groundnuts not roasted or otherwise cooked In shell of tariff number 120241004Y
99011006Groundnuts not roasted or otherwise cooked Shelled whether or not broken of tariff number 120242004Y
99011007Copra of tariff number 120300004Y
99011008Linseed whether or not broken of tariff number 120400004Y
99011009Low erucic acid rape or colza seed of tariff number 120510004Y
99011010Other rape or colza seed of tariff number 120590004Y
99011011Sunflower seeds whether or not broken of tariff number 120600004Y
99011012Cotton seeds whether or not broken Seed of tariff numbers 12072100 and 120729004Y
99011013Sesamum seeds whether or not broken of tariff number 120740004Y
99011014Mustard seeds whether or not broken of tariff number 120750004Y
99011015Safflower seeds whether or not broken 120760004Y
99011016Other oil seeds and oleaginous fruits whether or not broken of tariff number 120799004Y
99011017Sugarcane of tariff number 1212990300;Sugarcane of tariff number 1212990300;Unprocessed produce of plant species camellia sinensis4Y
99011018Live animals of chapter 14Y
99011019Meat and edible offals of chapter 2 excluding those of heading 0209 and 02104Y
99011020Fish and crustaceans molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates of chapter 3 excluding those of tariff heading 0305 0306 and 03074Y
99011021Unprocessed milk4Y
99011022Fresh birds eggs in shell4Y
99011023Edible Vegetables and certain roots and tubers of Chapter 7 excluding those of tariff heading 07114Y
99011024Edible fruits and nuts peal of citrus fruits or melon of chapter 8 excluding those of tariff heading 0811 0812 0813 and 08144Y
99011025Cereals of chapter 10 excluding seeds of tariff heading 10024Y
99011032Syringes with or without needles of tarrif no 901831004Y
99011035Tubular metal needles and needles for sutures of tariff number 901832004Y
99011036Catheters cannulae and the like of tariff number 901839004Y
99011037Blood bags4Y
99011038Blood and fluid infusion sets4Y
99011039Materials articles and equipment including motor vehicles listed under the first schedule paragraph 39 of the VAT Act.4Y
99011040Madeup fishing nets of manmade textile material of tariff number 560811004Y
99011041Mosquito nets of tariff No 63049901104Y
99011043Materials waste residues and by products whether or not in the form of pellets and preparations of a kind used in animal feeding of tariff numbers as listed in Part 1 of the first schedule of VAT Act 20134Y
99011044Unprocessed green tea4Y
99011048Inputs or raw materials supplied to solar equipment manufacturers for manufacture of solar equipment or deep cycle sealed batteries which exclusively use or store solar power4Y
99011049Aircraft parts of heading 8803 excluding parts of goods of heading 88014Y
99011051Taxable goods imported or purchased for direct and exclusive use in the implementation of official aid funded projects upon approval by the Cabinet Secretary responsible for the National Treasury4Y
99011054Goods imported or purchased locally for use by the local film producers and local filming agents upon recommendation by the Kenya Film Commission subject to approval by CS TNT4Y
99011056Inputs or raw materials locally purchased or imported by manufacturers of agricultural machinery and implements upon approval by the Cabinet Secretary responsible for industrialization4Y
99011057All goods including material supplies equipment machinery and motor vehicles for official use by the Kenya Defence Forces and the National Police Service4Y
99011058Direction finding compasses instruments and appliances for aircraft4Y
99011059Wheat seeds of tariff numbers 10011100 and 10019901004Y
99011062Taxable goods for direct and exclusive use for the construction of tourism facilities recreational parks of fifty acres or more convention and conference facilities upon recommendation by the Cabinet Secretary responsible for matters relating to recreational parks4Y
99011063Taxable goods equipment and apparatus for the direct and exclusive use for construction of specialized hospitals with a minimum bed capacity of fifty with accommodation facilities upon the recommendation by the Cabinet Secretary responsible for health who shall issue guidelines for the criteria to be used to determine eligibility for the exemption provided that notwithstanding this subparagraph any approval granted by the cabinet Secretary before the commencement thereof in respect of the supply of taxable goods and which is in supply of taxable goods and which is in force at such commencement shall continue to apply of the exempted taxable goods is made in full4Y
99011066Inputs or raw materials locally purchased or imported by manufacturers of clean cook stoves approved by the CS TNT upon recommendation by the CS responsible for energy4Y
99011068Super absorbent polymer SAP of tariff number 390690004Y
99011069Carrier tissue white 1 ply 14 point 5 GSM 470321004Y
99011070IP super soft fluff pulp for fluff 310 treated pulp 488 times 125 mm cellose of tariff number 470321004Y
99011071Perforated PE film 15 to 22 gsm of tariff number 39902190004Y
99011072Spunbound nonwoven 15 to 25 gsm of tariff number 560311004Y
99011073Airlid paper with super absorbent polymer 180gsm67 of tariff number 480300004Y
99011074Airlid paper with super absorbent polymer 80gsm67 of tariff number 480300004Y
99011077Pressure sensitive adhesive of tariff number 35069901004Y
99011078Plain polythene filmLPDE of tariff number 3990211990104Y
99011079Plain polythene filmPE of tariff number 3990211990104Y
99011080PE white 25 to 40 gsm release paper of tarrif number 481149004Y
99011081ADL 25 to 40 gsm of tariff number 560311004Y
99011082Elasticized side tape of tariff number 540244004Y
9901108312 to 16 gsm spunbound piyropo nonwoven coverstock 12gsm spunbound PP nonwoven SMS hydrophobic leg cuffs of tariff number 560311004Y
99011084Polymetric elastic 2 over 3 strands of tariff number 39901990104Y
99011089Any other aircraft spare parts imported by aircraft operators or persons engaged in the business of aircraft maintenance upon recommendation by the competent authority responsible for civil aviation4Y
99011090Inputs for the manufacture of pesticides upon recommendation by the Cabinet Secretary for the time being responsible for matters relating to agriculture4Y
99011091Locally assembled motor vehicles for transportation of tourists purchased before clearance through Customs following conditions as specified in the VAT Act 2013 1st Schedule Section A no99014Y
99011095The supply of natural water excluding bottled water by a NG, CGor any political subdivision thereof or a person approved by the CS responsible for water development for domestic or for industrial use4Y
99011096Articles of apparel clothing accessories and equipment specially designed for safety or protective purposes for use in registered hospitals and clinics or by CG or LA in firefighting4Y
99011099Goods imported by passengers arriving from places outside Kenya as specified in the VAT Act 2013 First Schedule section A no 994Y
99011100Exempt Goods (Paragraph 100 – 146)3Y
99011101Alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages supplied to the Kenya Defence Forces Canteen Organization4Y
99011103Hearing aids excluding parts and accessories of tariff Number 902140004Y
99011105Locally manufactured motherboards4Y
99011106Inputs for the manufacture of motherboards approved by the Cabinet Secretary responsible for information communication technology4Y
99011107Plant machinery and equipment used in the construction of a plastics recycling plant4Y
99011108The supply of maize corn flour cassava flour wheat or meslin flour and maize flour containing cassava flour by more than ten percent in weight provided that this paragra4Y
99011109Goods imported or purchased locally for the direct and exclusive use in the construction of houses under an affordable housing scheme approved by the CS on the recommendation of the CS responsible for matters relating to housing4Y
99011110Musical instruments and other musical equipment imported or purchased locally for exclusive use by educational institutions upon recommendation by the Cabinet Secretary responsible for Education4Y
99011111Maize corn seeds of tariff no 100510004Y
99011112Taxable good excl. motor vehicle imported or purchased for direct exclusive use in geothermal, oil, mining prospecting, exploration, product sharing as per the Energy Act 2019, Petroleum Act 2019, the Mining Act 2016 upon recommendation by the CS4Y
99011113Specialized equipment for the development and generation of solar and wind energy upon recommendation to the commissioner by the cabinet secretary responsible for matters relating to energy4Y
99011114Taxable goods supplied to persons that had a contract with the government prior to 25-04-2020 and contract provided for exemption from VAT provided that this exemption shall apply to the unexpired period of contract upon recommendation by CS Energy4Y
99011115Medical ventilators and the inputs for the manufacture of medical ventilators upon recommendation by the cabinet secretary responsible for matters relating to health4Y
99011116Physiotherapy accessories treadmills for cardiology therapy and treatment of tariff number 9506990100 for use by licensed hospitals upon approval by the cabinet secretary responsible for matters relating to health4Y
99011117Dexpanthenol of tariff number 33049900 used for medical nappy rash treatment by licensed hospitals upon approval by the cabinet secretary responsible for matters relating to health4Y
99011118Medicaments of tariff number 30034100 30034200 30034300 30034900 30036000 excluding goods of heading 3002 3005 or 3006 consisting of two or more constituents which have been mixed together for theraputic or prophylactic uses4Y
99011119Diagnostic or laboratory reagents of tariff number 38220000 on a backing prepared diagnostic or laboratory reagents whether or not on a backing other than those of heading 3002 or 3006 certified reference materials upon approval by CS Health4Y
99011120Electrodiagnostic apparatus of tariff numbers 90181100 90181200 90181300 90181400 90181900 90182000 90189000 upon approval by the cabinet secretary responsible for matters relating to health4Y
99011121Other instruments and appliances of tariff number 90184100 used in dental sciences dental drill engines whether or not combined on a single base with other dental equipment upon approval by CS Health4Y
99011122Other instruments and appliances including surgical blades of tariff number 90184900 90185000 90189000 used in dental sciences dental drill engines whether or not combined on a single base with other dental equipment upon approval by CS Health4Y
99011123Ozone therapy Oxygen therapy aerosol therapy artificial respiration or other theraputic respiration apapratus upon approval by CS Health4Y
99011124Other breathing appliances and gas masks excluding protective masks having neither mechanical parts nor replaceable filters upon approval by CS Health4Y
99011125Artificial teeth and dental fittings of tariff number 90212100 90212900 and artificial parts of the body of tariff number 90213100 90213900 90215000 and 90219000 upon approval by CS Health4Y
99011126Apparatus based on the use of x rays whether or not for medical surgical or dental of tariff numbers 90221200 90221300 90221400 and 90221900 upon approval by CS Health4Y
99011127Apparatus based on the use of alpha beta or gamma radiations whether or not medical surgical or dental of tariff numbers 90222100 90222900 90223000 and 90229000 upon approval by CS Health4Y
99011128Discs tape solid-state nonvolatile storage devices smart cards and other media for the recording of sound or of other phenomena whether or not recorded of tariff number 85238010 but excluding products of chapter 37 software upon approval by CS Health4Y
80161500Management support services3Y
11161500Silk fabrics3Y
21101600Agricultural machinery for planting and seeding3Y
51101600Amebicides and Trichomonacides and Antiprotozoals3Y
81101600Mechanical engineering3Y
22101600Paving equipment3Y
32101600Integrated circuits3Y
82101600Broadcast advertising3Y
92101600Fire services3Y
13101600Processed and synthetic rubber3Y
53101600Shirts and blouses3Y
73101600Chemicals and fertilizers production3Y
83101600Oil and gas utilities3Y
93101600Political officials3Y
24101600Lifting equipment and accessories3Y
44101600Paper processing machines and accessories3Y
84101600Aid financing3Y
15101600Solid and gel fuels3Y
25101600Product and material transport vehicles3Y
45101600Printing machinery accessories3Y
85101600Healthcare provider support persons3Y
95101600Commercial land parcels3Y
56101600Outdoor furniture3Y
76101600Hazardous material decontamination3Y
86101600Scientific vocational training services3Y
47101600Water treatment consumables3Y
77101600Environmental planning3Y
48101600Food preparation equipment3Y
78101600Rail cargo transport3Y
39101600Lamps and lightbulbs3Y
20111600Drilling and operation machinery3Y
30111600Cement and lime3Y
70111600Flowering plants3Y
80111600Temporary personnel services3Y
90111600Meeting facilities3Y
21111600Aquaculture equipment3Y
41111600Length and thickness and distance measuring instruments3Y
81111600Computer programmers3Y
91111600Household assistance and care3Y
82111600Non technical writing3Y
83111600Mobile communications services3Y
93111600Political representation and participation3Y
14111600Novelty paper3Y
44111600Cash handling supplies3Y
84111600Audit services3Y
25111600Safety and rescue water craft3Y
45111600Projectors and supplies3Y
85111600Non contagious disease prevention and control3Y
95111600Open traffic thoroughfares3Y
26111600Power generators3Y
76111600Building component cleaning services3Y
86111600Adult education3Y
56111600Panel systems3Y
47111600Ironing equipment3Y
27111600Forming tools3Y
77111600Environmental rehabilitation3Y
78111600Passenger railway transportation3Y
39111600Exterior lighting fixtures and accessories3Y
10121600Bird and fowl food3Y
70121600Livestock industry3Y
80121600Business law services3Y
90121600Travel document assistance3Y
20121600Drilling bits3Y
60121600Studio aids3Y
81121600Monetary systems and issues3Y
41121600Pipette tips3Y
42121600Veterinary products3Y
52121600Table and kitchen linen and accessories3Y
92121600Detective services3Y
23121600Textile working machinery and equipment and accessories3Y
53121600Purses and handbags and bags3Y
83121600Information centers3Y
93121600International relations and cooperation3Y
44121600Desk supplies3Y
14121600Tissue papers3Y
84121600Funds transfer and clearance and exchange services3Y
45121600Camera accessories3Y
85121600Medical doctor specialist services3Y
95121600Transport buildings and structures3Y
26121600Electrical cable and accessories3Y
76121600Nonhazardous waste disposal3Y
86121600Junior colleges3Y
47121600Floor machines and accessories3Y
77121600Soil pollution3Y
78121600Material handling services3Y
39121600Circuit protection devices and accessories3Y
49121600Camping furniture3Y
10131600Animal containment3Y
50131600Eggs and egg substitutes3Y
70131600Land and soil preparation3Y
80131600Sale of property and building3Y
60131600Musical instrument sets3Y
11131600Other animal products3Y
52131600Blinds and shades3Y
82131600Photographers and cinematographers3Y
42131600Medical staff clothing and related articles3Y
23131600Faceting equipment and accessories3Y
53131600Bath and body3Y
73131600Meat and poultry and seafood processing3Y
93131600Food and nutrition policy planning and programs3Y
24131600Industrial freezers3Y
84131600Life and health and accident insurance3Y
94131600Charity organizations3Y
25131600Civilian and commercial rotary wing aircraft3Y
45131600Moving picture media3Y
15131600Fission fuel assemblies3Y
85131600Medical ethics3Y
95131600Portable commercial and industrial buildings and structures3Y
76131600Toxic spill cleanup3Y
86131600Music and drama3Y
26131600Exhaust structures or screening equipment3Y
47131600Brooms and mops and brushes and accessories3Y
77131600Noise pollution3Y
78131600General goods storage3Y
39131600Wire protection devices3Y
70141600Crop protection3Y
80141600Sales and business promotion activities3Y
11141600Non metallic waste and scrap3Y
81141600Supply chain management3Y
52141600Domestic laundry appliances and supplies3Y
82141600Graphic display services3Y
12141600Rare earth metals3Y
42141600Basins and bedpans and urinals and admission kits3Y
72141600Mass transit system construction services3Y
23141600Leather preparing machinery and accessories3Y
73141600Thread and yarn processing3Y
53141600Miscellaneous sewing supplies3Y
24141600Cushioning supplies3Y
84141600Personal credit agencies3Y
95141600Prefabricated residential buildings and structures3Y
45141600Darkroom supplies3Y
85141600Herbal treatments3Y
26141600Subcritical assembly equipment3Y
86141600Students organizations3Y
10151600Cereal seeds3Y
30151600Roofing accessories3Y
50151600Edible animal oils and fats3Y
70151600Forestry industry3Y
80151600International trade services3Y
51151600Cholinergic blocking agents3Y
41151600Clinical laboratory instruments3Y
42151600Dental and subspecialty instruments and devices3Y
52151600Domestic kitchen tools and utensils3Y
72151600Specialized communication system services3Y
23151600Cement and ceramics and glass industry machinery and equipment and supplies3Y
73151600Packaging services3Y
93151600Public finance3Y
85151600Nutrition issues3Y
46151600Security and control equipment3Y
30161600Ceiling materials3Y
80161600Business facilities oversight3Y
11161600Wool fabrics3Y
71161600Other oilfield support services3Y
81161600Electronic mail and messaging services3Y
42161600Extracorporeal hemodialysis equipment and supplies3Y
52161600Audio visual equipment accessories3Y
23161600Foundry supplies3Y
73161600Manufacture of transport equipment3Y
93161600Taxes other than income tax3Y
46161600Water safety3Y
49161600Racquet and court sports equipment3Y
10171600Chemical fertilizers and plant nutrients3Y
70171600Water quality management services3Y
80171600Publicity and marketing support services3Y
11171600Stainless steel alloys3Y
81171600Ecological science services3Y
41171600Microbiology devices3Y
42171600Mobile medical services extricating and immobilizing and transporting products3Y
73171600Manufacture of precision instruments3Y
93171600International trade3Y
25171600Defrosting and defogging systems3Y
85171600Hospice care3Y
46171600Surveillance and detection equipment3Y
49171600Boxing equipment3Y
30181600Non sanitary residential fixtures3Y
51181600Thyroid and antithyroid drugs3Y
42181600Blood pressure units and related products3Y
23181600Food cutting machinery3Y
25181600Automotive chassis3Y
46181600Safety footwear3Y
78181600Panel and paint services3Y
30191600Ladders and scaffolding accessories3Y
31191600Abrasive wheels3Y
42191600Medical facility building systems3Y
43191600Personal communications device accessories or parts3Y
25191600Space transportation support systems and equipment3Y
46191600Fire fighting equipment3Y
51201600Vaccines and antigens and toxoids3Y
42201600Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI products3Y
43201600Chassis components3Y
49201600Weight and resistance training equipment3Y
31211600Paint additives3Y
42211600Bathroom and bathing aids for the physically challenged3Y
99011129Weighing machinery excluding balances of a sensitivity of 5 cg or better of tariff number 84233100 including weight operated counting or checking machines weighing machine weights of all kinds upon approval by CS Health4Y
99011130Fetal Doppler Pocket Wgd002 Pc and pulse oximeter finger held Gima band Pc of tariff number 90181900 upon approval by the cabinet sectretary responsible for matters relating to health4Y
99011131Sterilizer Dry Heat Wgd001Grx05A Pc autoclave steam tables tops of tariff number 8419902000 upon approval by the cabinet sectretary responsible for matters relating to health4Y
99011132Needle holders and urine bags of tariff heading 3990264Y
99011133Tourniquets of tariff number 3990269099 for use by licensed hospitals upon approval by the cabinet sectretary responsible for matters relating to health4Y
99011134Taxable supplies incl. fish feeding and handling water operations cold storage fish cages pond construction, maintenance, fish processing and handling imported or purchased for direct exclusive use on the recommendation of the relevant State Dept4Y
99011135Pre fabricated biogas digesters4Y
99011137Sustainable fuel briquettes and pellets for household and commercial use4Y
99011138The supply of denatured ethanol of tariff number 220720004Y
99011139Tractors other than road tractors for semitrailers4Y
99011140Plant and machinery of chapter 84 and 85 imported by manufacturers of pharmaceutical products or investors in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products upon the recommendation of CS Health4Y
99011141Medical oxygen supplied to registered hospitals4Y
99011142Urine bags adult diapers artificial breasts colostomy or ileostomy bags for medical use4Y
99011143Inputs and raw materials used in the manufacture of passenger motor vehicle4Y
99011144Locally manufactured passenger motor vehicles: vehicles for the transportation of passengers whose ex-factory value comprises at least 30 percent of parts designed and manufactured in Kenya by an original equipment manufacturer operating in Kenya.4Y
99011145Taxable goods inputs and raw materials imported or locally purchased by company under SOFA manufacturing human vaccines with a capital investment of atleast 10Bn shillings subject to approval of CS TNT upon recommendation of CS Health4Y
99011146Such capital goods the exemption of which the Cabinet Secretary may determine to promote investment in the manufacturing sector provided that the value of such investment is not less than two billion shillings4Y
99012000Zero Rated Goods3Y
99012003Shipstores supplied to international sea or air carriers on international voyage or flight4Y
99012004The supply of coffee and tea for export to coffee or tea auction centers4Y
99012005Transportation of passengers by air carriers on international flight4Y
99012009Goods purchased from duty free shops by passengers departing to places outside Kenya4Y
99012011Inputs or raw materials either produced locally or imported supplied to pharmaceutical manufacturers in Kenya for manufacturing medicaments as approved from time to time by the Cabinet Secretary in consultation with CS Health4Y
99012013The supply of ordinary bread4Y
99012015Milk and cream not concentrated nor containing added sugar or other sweetening matter of tariff numbers 04011000 04012000 04014000 040150004Y
99012016All inputs and raw materials whether produced locally or imported supplied to manufacturers of agricultural pest control products upon recommendation by CS Agriculture4Y
99012019Agricultural pest control products4Y
99012022The supply of maize corn flour cassava flour wheat or meslin flour and maize flour containing cassava flour by more than ten percent in weight4Y
99012024The Fertilizers of chapter 314Y
99012025Inputs of raw materials locally purchased or imported by manufacturers of fertilizer as approved from time to time by the Cabinet Secretary responsible for Agriculture4Y
99013000Other Rate Goods (8%)3Y
99013001Petroleum Products4Y
99021000Exempt Service3Y
99021001Financial Services4Y
99021002Insurance & reinsurance services4Y
99021003Education services4Y
99021004Medical veterinary dental Ambulance and nursing services4Y
99021005Agricultural animal husbandry and horticultural services4Y
99021006Burial and cremation services4Y
99021007Transportation of passengers by any means of conveyance excluding international air transport or where the means of conveyance is hired or chartered4Y
99021008Supply by way of sale renting leasing hiring letting of land or residential premises residential premises means land or a building occupied or capable of being occupied as a residence excluding hotel and holiday accomodation and subject to the provi4Y
99021009Community social and welfare services provided by National Government County Government or any political subdivision thereof4Y
99021010Tea and coffee brokerage services4Y
99021011Services rendered by educational, political, religious, welfare & other philanthropic associations to their members and social welfare services provided by charitable organizations.4Y
99021012Entertainment Services4Y
99021013Accommodation and Restaurant Services4Y
99021014Conference services conducted for educational institutions as part of learning where such institutions are approved by the Ministry for the time being responsible for Education4Y
99021015Car park services provided by National Government County Government anypolitical subdivision therefore by an employer to his employees on the premises of the employer4Y
99021016The supply of airtime by any person other than by a provider of cellular mobile telephone services or wireless telephone services4Y
99021017Betting gaming and lotteries services4Y
99021018Hiring leasing and chartering of aircrafts excluding helicopters of tariff 88021100 and 880212004Y
99021020Taxable services for direct and exclusive use in the implementation of official aid funded projects upon approval by the Cabinet Secretary to the National Treasury4Y
99021021Services imported or procured locally for use by the local film producers or local film agents upon recommendation by the Kenya Film Commission subject to approval by the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury4Y
99021023Supply of sewerage services by the national government a county government any political subdivision thereof or a person approved by the Cabinet Secretary for the time being responsible for water development4Y
99021024Entry fees into the national parks and national reserves4Y
99021025The services of tour operators excluding inhouse supplies4Y
99021026Taxable services for direct and exclusive use for the construction of tourism facilities recreational parks of 50 acres or more convention and conference facilities upon the recommendation by the CS responsible for recreational park4Y
99021027Taxable services for direct and exclusive use for the construction of specialized hospitals with accommodation facilities upon recommendation by CS Health who shall issue guidelines for the criteria to determine the eligibility for the exemption4Y
99021029Postal services provide through the supply of postage stamps including rental post boxes or mail bags and subsidiary services thereto4Y
99021033The transfer of assets and other transactions related to the transfer of asets into real estate investment trusts and asset backed securities4Y
99022000Zero Rated Service3Y
99022006The supply of taxable services to international sea or air carriers on international voyage or flight4Y
99022010Supply of taxable services in respect of goods in transit4Y
99022020The transportation of goods originating from Kenya to a place outside Kenya4Y
99022021Transportation of sugarcane from farms to miling factories4Y
99022023The exportation of taxable services in respect of business process outsourcing4Y
99030000Goods or Services2Y
99031000Exempt Goods or Services3Y
99032000Zero Rated Goods or Services3Y
99032002The supply of goods or taxable services to an export processing zone business as specified in the Export Processing Zones Act Cap 517 as being eligible forduty and tax free importation4Y
99032004Supply to international and regional organizations4Y
99032005Supply to the War Graves Commission4Y
99032008Supply to National Red Cross Society and St John Ambulance4Y
99032012The supply of goods or taxable services to a special economic zone enterprise4Y
99040000Government Undertaking2Y
99042000Zero Rated Government Undertaking3Y
42250000Physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation products2Y
23250000Metal forming machinery and accessories2Y
30260000Structural materials2Y
31260000Housings and cabinets and casings2Y
51260000Adrenergic blocking agents2Y
42260000Postmortem and mortuary equipment and supplies2Y
23260000Rapid prototyping machinery and accessories2Y
85260000Diagnoses of endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases2Y
31270000Machine made parts2Y
51270000Anaesthetic drugs and related adjuncts and analeptics2Y
42270000Respiratory and anesthesia and resuscitation products2Y
23270000Welding and soldering and brazing machinery and accessories and supplies2Y
85270000Diagnoses of mental and behavioral disorders2Y
31280000Stampings and sheet components2Y
42280000Medical cleaning and sterilization products2Y
23280000Metal treatment machinery2Y
31290000Machined extrusions2Y
42290000Surgical products2Y
23290000Industrial machine tools2Y
50300000Fresh fruits2Y
51300000Antifungal drugs2Y
31300000Machined forgings2Y
42300000Medical training and education supplies2Y
23300000Wire machinery and equipment2Y
50310000Organic fresh fruits2Y
51310000Antihistamines or H1 blockers2Y
31310000Fabricated pipe assemblies2Y
42310000Wound care products2Y
50320000Dried fruit2Y
51320000Antihyperlipidemic and hypocholesterolemic agents2Y
31320000Fabricated bar stock assemblies2Y
42320000Orthopedic surgical implants2Y
50330000Dried organic fruit2Y
31330000Fabricated structural assemblies2Y
50340000Frozen fruit2Y
51340000Antiviral drugs2Y
31340000Fabricated sheet assemblies2Y
51350000Estrogens and progestins and internal contraceptives2Y
31350000Fabricated tube assemblies2Y
12350000Compounds and mixtures2Y
50360000Canned or jarred fruit2Y
31360000Fabricated plate assemblies2Y
50370000Canned or jarred organic fruit2Y
51370000Controlled substance analgesics2Y
50380000Fresh fruit purees2Y
51380000Nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs NSAIDs2Y
31380000Magnets and magnetic materials2Y
85380000Diagnoses of certain conditions originating in the perinatal period2Y
51390000Sympathomimetic or adrenergic drugs2Y
50400000Fresh vegetables2Y
51400000Tranquilizers and antimanic and antianxiety drugs2Y
50410000Organic fresh vegetables2Y
50420000Dried vegetables2Y
31420000Sintered parts2Y
50430000Dried organic vegetables2Y
51430000Antihypertensive drugs2Y
50440000Frozen vegetables2Y
51440000Radiopharmaceuticals and contrast media2Y
50450000Frozen organic vegetables2Y
50460000Canned or jarred vegetables2Y
51460000Herbal drugs2Y
50470000Canned or jarred organic vegetables2Y
50500000Nutritional supplements2Y
57010100Rapid response kits3Y
57020100Humanitarian operational services3Y
57030100Health emergency kits3Y
57040100Educational kits3Y
57050100Emergency nutritional kits3Y
57060100Emergency clothing kits3Y
57070100Logistics emergency kits3Y
57080100Emergency IT equipment kits3Y
70190100Training services for users of agricultural machinery and equipment3Y
57030200Emergency latrine facility3Y
57040200Recreational kits3Y
57050200Food emergency rations3Y
57060200Shelter emergency kits3Y
57030300Water, sanitation and hygiene kits3Y
57040300Early childhood development3Y
57050300Food emergency kits3Y
57060300Office emergency kits3Y
57030400Personal protective equipment3Y
57060400Multipurpose emergency kits3Y
72111000Single family dwelling construction services3Y
72121000New industrial building and warehouse construction services3Y
56121000Library furnishings3Y
39121000Power conditioning equipment3Y
60131000Keyboard instruments3Y
32131000Electronic component parts and raw materials and accessories3Y
72141000Highway and road construction services3Y
27141000Body tools3Y
72151000Boiler and furnace construction and maintenance services3Y
71161000Oilfield modeling services3Y
23191000Batch mixers3Y
23201000Gas liquid contacting systems3Y
46201000Public safety training equipment3Y
78201000Airport Maintenance3Y
23221000Arrival department machinery and equipment3Y
23231000Log debarkers and accessories3Y
26101100Electric alternating current AC motors3Y
72111100Multiple unit dwelling construction services3Y
57111100Rapid response kits3Y
72121100Commercial and office building construction services3Y
39121100Distribution and control centers and accessories3Y
10000000Live Plant and Animal Material and Accessories and Supplies1Y
20000000Mining and Well Drilling Machinery and Accessories1Y
30000000Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies1Y
40000000Distribution and Conditioning Systems and Equipment and Components1Y
50000000Food Beverage and Tobacco Products1Y
70000000Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Contracting Services1Y
80000000Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services1Y
90000000Travel and Food and Lodging and Entertainment Services1Y
60000000Musical Instruments and Games and Toys and Arts and Crafts and Educational Equipment and Materials and Accessories and Supplies1Y
11000000Mineral and Textile and Inedible Plant and Animal Materials1Y
21000000Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Machinery and Accessories1Y
31000000Manufacturing Components and Supplies1Y
41000000Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment1Y
51000000Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products1Y
71000000Mining and oil and gas services1Y
81000000Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services1Y
91000000Personal and Domestic Services1Y
12000000Chemicals including Bio Chemicals and Gas Materials1Y
22000000Building and Construction Machinery and Accessories1Y
32000000Electronic Components and Supplies1Y
42000000Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies1Y
52000000Domestic Appliances and Supplies and Consumer Electronic Products1Y
72000000Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services1Y
82000000Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art Services1Y
92000000National Defense and Public Order and Security and Safety Services1Y
13000000Resin and Rosin and Rubber and Foam and Film and Elastomeric Materials1Y
23000000Industrial Manufacturing and Processing Machinery and Accessories1Y
43000000Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications1Y
53000000Apparel and Luggage and Personal Care Products1Y
73000000Industrial Production and Manufacturing Services1Y
83000000Public Utilities and Public Sector Related Services1Y
93000000Politics and Civic Affairs Services1Y
14000000Paper Materials and Products1Y
24000000Material Handling and Conditioning and Storage Machinery and their Accessories and Supplies1Y
44000000Office Equipment and Accessories and Supplies1Y
54000000Timepieces and Jewelry and Gemstone Products1Y
84000000Financial and Insurance Services1Y
94000000Organizations and Clubs1Y
64000000Financial Instruments, Products, Contracts and Agreements1Y
15000000Fuels and Fuel Additives and Lubricants and Anti corrosive Materials1Y
25000000Commercial and Military and Private Vehicles and their Accessories and Components1Y
45000000Printing and Photographic and Audio and Visual Equipment and Supplies1Y
55000000Published Products1Y
85000000Healthcare Services1Y
95000000Land and Buildings and Structures and Thoroughfares1Y
26000000Power Generation and Distribution Machinery and Accessories1Y
46000000Defense and Law Enforcement and Security and Safety Equipment and Supplies1Y
76000000Industrial Cleaning Services1Y
86000000Education and Training Services1Y
56000000Furniture and Furnishings1Y
27000000Tools and General Machinery1Y
47000000Cleaning Equipment and Supplies1Y
77000000Environmental Services1Y
57000000Humanitarian Relief Items, Kits, or Accessories1Y
48000000Service Industry Machinery and Equipment and Supplies1Y
78000000Transportation and Storage and Mail Services1Y
39000000Electrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies1Y
49000000Sports and Recreational Equipment and Supplies and Accessories1Y
57010000Survival supplies2Y
57020000Services related to humanitarian relief actions2Y
57030000Humanitarian health supplies2Y
57040000Educational or recreational items2Y
57050000Humanitarian relief food2Y
57060000Shelter and relief items2Y
57070000Humanitarian logistics supplies2Y
57080000Humanitarian IT equipment2Y
10100000Live animals2Y
20100000Mining and quarrying machinery and equipment2Y
30100000Structural components and basic shapes2Y
40100000Heating and ventilation and air circulation2Y
50100000Nuts and seeds2Y
70100000Fisheries and aquaculture2Y
80100000Management advisory services2Y
90100000Restaurants and catering2Y
60100000Developmental and professional teaching aids and materials and accessories and supplies2Y
11100000Minerals and ores and metals2Y
21100000Agricultural and forestry and landscape machinery and equipment2Y
31100000Castings and casting assemblies2Y
41100000Laboratory and scientific equipment2Y
51100000Amebicides and trichomonacides and antiprotozoals2Y
71100000Mining services2Y
81100000Professional engineering services2Y
91100000Personal appearance2Y
22100000Heavy construction machinery and equipment2Y
32100000Printed circuits and integrated circuits and microassemblies2Y
52100000Floor coverings2Y
72100000Building and facility maintenance and repair services2Y
92100000Public order and safety2Y
13100000Rubber and elastomers2Y
23100000Raw materials processing machinery2Y
73100000Plastic and chemical industries2Y
93100000Political systems and institutions2Y
14100000Paper materials2Y
24100000Material handling machinery and equipment2Y
44100000Office machines and their supplies and accessories2Y
84100000Development finance2Y
94100000Work related organizations2Y
64100000Bank offered products2Y
25100000Motor vehicles2Y
45100000Printing and publishing equipment2Y
55100000Printed media2Y
85100000Comprehensive health services2Y
95100000Land parcels2Y
26100000Power sources2Y
46100000Light weapons and ammunition2Y
56100000Accommodation furniture2Y
76100000Decontamination services2Y
86100000Vocational training2Y
47100000Water and wastewater treatment supply and disposal2Y
77100000Environmental management2Y
48100000Institutional food services equipment2Y
78100000Mail and cargo transport2Y
39100000Lamps and lightbulbs and lamp components2Y
49100000Collectibles and awards2Y
20110000Well drilling and operation equipment2Y
30110000Concrete and cement and plaster2Y
50110000Meat and poultry products2Y
80110000Human resources services2Y
90110000Hotels and lodging and meeting facilities2Y
10110000Domestic pet products2Y
60110000Classroom decoratives and supplies2Y
11110000Earth and stone2Y
21110000Fishing and aquaculture equipment2Y
41110000Measuring and observing and testing instruments2Y
51110000Antineoplastic agents2Y
71110000Oil and gas exploration services2Y
81110000Computer services2Y
91110000Domestic and personal assistance2Y
32110000Discrete semiconductor devices2Y
82110000Writing and translations2Y
92110000Military services and national defense2Y
72110000Residential building construction services2Y
23110000Petroleum processing machinery2Y
73110000Wood and paper industries2Y
83110000Telecommunications media services2Y
93110000Socio political conditions2Y
13110000Resins and rosins and other resin derived materials2Y
14110000Paper products2Y
24110000Containers and storage2Y
44110000Office and desk accessories2Y
84110000Accounting and bookkeeping services2Y
94110000Religious organizations2Y
15110000Gaseous fuels and additives2Y
25110000Marine transport2Y
45110000Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment2Y
55110000Electronic reference material2Y
85110000Disease prevention and control2Y
26110000Batteries and generators and kinetic power transmission2Y
46110000Conventional war weapons2Y
76110000Cleaning and janitorial services2Y
86110000Alternative educational systems2Y
56110000Commercial and industrial furniture2Y
27110000Hand tools2Y
47110000Industrial laundry and dry cleaning equipment2Y
77110000Environmental protection2Y
78110000Passenger transport2Y
48110000Vending machines2Y
39110000Lighting Fixtures and Accessories2Y
10120000Animal feed2Y
30120000Roads and landscape2Y
70120000Livestock services2Y
80120000Legal services2Y
90120000Travel facilitation2Y
60120000Arts and crafts equipment and accessories and supplies2Y
20120000Oil and gas drilling and exploration equipment2Y
11120000Non edible plant and forestry products2Y
41120000Laboratory supplies and fixtures2Y
51120000Antiarrythmics and antianginals and cardioplegics and drugs for heart failure2Y
71120000Well drilling and construction services2Y
32120000Passive discrete components2Y
42120000Veterinary equipment and supplies2Y
52120000Bedclothes and table and kitchen linen and towels2Y
82120000Reproduction services2Y
92120000Security and personal safety2Y
72120000Nonresidential building construction services2Y
23120000Textile and fabric machinery and accessories2Y
53120000Luggage and handbags and packs and cases2Y
73120000Metal and mineral industries2Y
83120000Information services2Y
93120000International relations2Y
14120000Industrial use papers2Y
24120000Packaging materials2Y
44120000Office supplies2Y
84120000Banking and investment2Y
64120000Insurable interest contracts2Y
15120000Lubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives2Y
25120000Railway and tramway machinery and equipment2Y
45120000Photographic or filming or video equipment2Y
55120000Signage and accessories2Y
85120000Medical practice2Y
95120000Permanent buildings and structures2Y
26120000Electrical wire and cable and harness2Y
76120000Refuse disposal and treatment2Y
86120000Educational institutions2Y
56120000Classroom and instructional and institutional furniture and fixtures2Y
47120000Janitorial equipment2Y
77120000Pollution tracking and monitoring and rehabilitation2Y
27120000Hydraulic machinery and equipment2Y
78120000Material packing and handling2Y
48120000Gambling or wagering equipment2Y
39120000Electrical equipment and components and supplies2Y
49120000Camping and outdoor equipment and accessories2Y
30130000Structural building products2Y
60130000Musical Instruments and parts and accessories2Y
50130000Dairy products and eggs2Y
70130000Land and soil preparation and management and protection2Y
80130000Real estate services2Y
90130000Performing arts2Y
20130000Oil and gas drilling and operation materials2Y
10130000Animal containment and habitats2Y
11130000Non edible animal products2Y
51130000Hematolic drugs2Y
71130000Oil and gas extraction and production enhancement services2Y
12130000Explosive materials2Y
52130000Window treatments2Y
82130000Photographic services2Y
32130000Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories2Y
42130000Medical apparel and textiles2Y
23130000Lapidary machinery and equipment2Y
53130000Personal care products2Y
73130000Food and beverage industries2Y
93130000Humanitarian aid and relief2Y
24130000Industrial refrigeration2Y
94130000Civic organizations and associations and movements2Y
84130000Insurance and retirement services2Y
15130000Fuel for nuclear reactors2Y
45130000Photographic and recording media2Y
85130000Medical science research and experimentation2Y
95130000Portable buildings and structures2Y
26130000Power generation2Y
46130000Rockets and subsystems2Y
76130000Toxic and hazardous waste cleanup2Y
86130000Specialized educational services2Y
56130000Merchandising furniture and accessories2Y
47130000Cleaning and janitorial supplies2Y
77130000Pollutants tracking and monitoring and rehabilitation services2Y
27130000Pneumatic machinery and equipment2Y
48130000Funeral equipment and materials2Y
49130000Fishing and hunting equipment2Y
39130000Electrical wire management devices and accessories and supplies2Y
10140000Saddlery and harness goods2Y
40140000Fluid and gas distribution2Y
60140000Toys and games2Y
70140000Crop production and management and protection2Y
80140000Marketing and distribution2Y
90140000Commercial sports2Y
20140000Oil and gas operating and production equipment2Y
11140000Scrap and waste materials2Y
51140000Central nervous system drugs2Y
81140000Manufacturing technologies2Y
71140000Oil and gas restoration and reclamation services2Y
52140000Domestic appliances2Y
82140000Graphic design2Y
12140000Elements and gases2Y
42140000Patient care and treatment products and supplies2Y
32140000Electron tube devices and accessories2Y
72140000Heavy construction services2Y
23140000Leatherworking repairing machinery and equipment2Y
73140000Fibers and textiles and fabric industries2Y
93140000Community and social services2Y
53140000Sewing supplies and accessories2Y
84140000Credit agencies2Y
24140000Packing supplies2Y
64140000Governmental property right conferrals2Y
95140000Prefabricated buildings and structures2Y
45140000Photographic filmmaking supplies2Y
85140000Alternative and holistic medicine2Y
26140000Atomic and nuclear energy machinery and equipment2Y
86140000Educational facilities2Y
56140000Decorative adornments2Y
27140000Automotive specialty tools2Y
77140000Environmental laboratory services2Y
78140000Transport services2Y
49140000Watersports equipment2Y
10150000Seeds and bulbs and seedlings and cuttings2Y
30150000Exterior finishing materials2Y
40150000Industrial pumps and compressors2Y
50150000Edible oils and fats2Y
80150000Trade policy and services2Y
90150000Entertainment services2Y
11150000Fibers and threads and yarns2Y
31150000Rope and chain and cable and wire and strap2Y
51150000Autonomic nervous system drugs2Y
81150000Earth science services2Y
71150000Oil and gas data management and processing services2Y
41150000Clinical laboratory and toxicology testing systems, components, and supplies2Y
52150000Domestic kitchenware and kitchen supplies2Y
82150000Professional artists and performers2Y
42150000Dental equipment and supplies2Y
32150000Automation control devices and components and accessories2Y
72150000Specialized trade construction and maintenance services2Y
23150000Industrial process machinery and equipment and supplies2Y
73150000Manufacturing support services2Y
93150000Public administration and finance services2Y
85150000Food and nutrition services2Y
46150000Law enforcement2Y
49150000Winter sports equipment2Y
10160000Floriculture and silviculture products2Y
30160000Interior finishing materials2Y
40160000Industrial filtering and purification2Y
50160000Chocolate and sugars and sweeteners and confectionary products2Y
70160000Wildlife and flora2Y
80160000Business administration services2Y
11160000Fabrics and leather materials2Y
51160000Drugs affecting the respiratory tract2Y
71160000Oil and gas well project management services2Y
81160000Information Technology Service Delivery2Y
42160000Dialysis equipment and supplies2Y
52160000Consumer electronics2Y
82160000Film and theater production support services2Y
23160000Foundry machines and equipment and supplies2Y
73160000Machinery and transport equipment manufacture2Y
25160000Non motorized cycles2Y
85160000Medical Surgical Equipment Maintenance Refurbishment and Repair Services2Y
46160000Public safety and control2Y
49160000Field and court sports equipment2Y
10170000Fertilizers and plant nutrients and herbicides2Y
40170000Pipe piping and pipe fittings2Y
30170000Doors and windows and glass2Y
50170000Seasonings and preservatives2Y
70170000Water resources development and oversight2Y
80170000Public relations and professional communications services2Y
31170000Bearings and bushings and wheels and gears2Y
51170000Drugs affecting the gastrointestinal system2Y
81170000Biological science services2Y
41170000Diagnostic and microbiological devices2Y
52170000Domestic wall treatments2Y
42170000Mobile medical services products2Y
73170000Manufacture of electrical goods and precision instruments2Y
93170000Trade policy and regulation2Y
25170000Transportation components and systems2Y
85170000Death and dying support services2Y
46170000Security surveillance and detection2Y
49170000Gymnastics and boxing equipment2Y
30180000Plumbing fixtures2Y
50180000Bread and bakery products2Y
40180000Tubes tubing and tube fittings2Y
31180000Packings glands boots and covers2Y
51180000Hormones and hormone antagonists2Y
11180000Metal oxide2Y
12180000Waxes and oils2Y
42180000Patient exam and monitoring products2Y
23180000Industrial food and beverage equipment2Y
73180000Machining and processing services2Y
25180000Vehicle bodies and trailers2Y
46180000Personal safety and protection2Y
78180000Transportation repair or maintenance services2Y
49180000Target and table games and equipment2Y
10190000Pest control products2Y
30190000Construction and maintenance support equipment2Y
50190000Prepared and preserved foods2Y
70190000Agricultural machinery and equipment assembly and installation services2Y
31190000Grinding and polishing and smoothing materials2Y
51190000Agents affecting water and electrolytes2Y
11190000Metal waste scrap and by products2Y
42190000Medical facility products2Y
43190000Communications Devices and Accessories2Y
23190000Mixers and their parts and accessories2Y
25190000Transportation services equipment2Y
46190000Fire protection2Y
10200000Live rose bushes2Y
31200000Adhesives and sealants2Y
51200000Immunomodulating drugs2Y
42200000Medical diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine products2Y
43200000Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications2Y
23200000Mass transfer equipment2Y
25200000Aerospace systems and components and equipment2Y
46200000Defense and law enforcement and security and safety training equipment2Y
78200000Aviation-Related Services And Consultancy2Y
49200000Fitness equipment2Y
50210000Tobacco and smoking products and substitutes2Y
10210000Live plants of high species or variety count flowers2Y
31210000Paints and primers and finishes2Y
42210000Independent living aids for the physically challenged2Y
43210000Computer Equipment and Accessories2Y
23210000Electronic manufacturing machinery and equipment and accessories2Y
85210000Diagnoses of infectious and parasitic diseases-part a2Y
46210000Workplace safety equipment and supplies and training materials2Y
49210000Other sports2Y
50220000Cereal and pulse products2Y
10220000Live plants of low species or variety count flowers2Y
31220000Dyeing and tanning extracts2Y
42220000Intravenous and arterial administration products2Y
43220000Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories2Y
23220000Chicken processing machinery and equipment2Y
46220000Military weapon and ammunition disarmament and disposal equipment and related products2Y
49220000Sports equipment and accessories2Y
31230000Machined raw stock2Y
42230000Clinical nutrition2Y
23230000Sawmilling and lumber processing machinery and equipment2Y
30240000Portable Structure Building Components2Y
31240000Industrial optics2Y
51240000Drugs affecting the ears, eye, nose and skin2Y
42240000Orthopedic and prosthetic and sports medicine products2Y
23240000Metal cutting machinery and accessories2Y
49240000Recreation and playground and swimming and spa equipment and supplies2Y
30250000Underground mining structures and materials2Y
31250000Pneumatic and hydraulic and electric control systems2Y
60131100Brass instruments3Y
71141100Well plugging and abandonment services3Y
72141100Infrastructure building and surfacing and paving services3Y
71151100Oilfield data management services3Y
72151100Plumbing construction services3Y
73181100Coating services3Y
23191100Continuous mixers3Y
46201100Small arms weapons training equipment3Y
23221100Killing and defeathering department machinery and equipment3Y
51241100Ophthalmic agents3Y
26101200Electric direct current DC motors3Y
13111200Plastic films3Y
72121200Agricultural building construction services3Y
60131200Woodwind instruments3Y
72141200Marine construction services3Y
72151200Heating and cooling and air conditioning HVAC construction and maintenance services3Y
23201200Industrial drying equipment3Y
51241200Dermatologic agents3Y
26101300Non electric motors3Y
60121300Art and craft cutting products3Y
72121300Automotive garage and service station construction services3Y
39121300Electrical boxes and enclosures and fittings and accessories3Y
60131300String instruments3Y
72151300Painting and paper hanging services3Y
50221300Flour and milled products3Y
26101400Motor or generator components3Y
86101400Aviation Specific Training3Y
82111400Language Specific Editorial and Writing Services3Y
45111400Classroom And Language Laboratory Equipment & Interpretation Systems3Y
20121400Completion tools and equipment3Y
72121400Specialized public building construction services3Y
56121400Cafeteria and lunchroom furnishings3Y
39121400Electrical lugs plugs and connectors3Y
60131400Percussion instruments3Y
25131400Safety and Rescue Aircraft3Y
80141400Fundraising Services3Y
72141400Detention facility construction and repair services3Y
72151400Wall covering construction services3Y
43201400System Cards3Y
23241400Metal grinding machines3Y
23271400Welding machinery3Y
20101500Cutting equipment3Y
70101500Fisheries operations3Y
80101500Business and corporate management consultation services3Y

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