Purchase Orders

Purchase orders can be powerful for your business. If you aren’t using them yet, consider the following situation:

  1. You call up the supplier/vendor, bargain for various products.
  2. Wait for the goods and invoice to arrive, after a few days.
  3. While entering the invoice you
    1. Try to remember who ordered the goods,
    2. at what price,
    3. and if the quantity is matching what was required.

Instead consider the following…

  1. Whilst speaking to the supplier, you start entering your purchase order.
    • During which you have a live view of previous purchase history
      (Which can help your bargain by being more informative)
  2. You wait for your goods and invoice to arrive.
  3. Find your purchase order, while seeing who issued it and when, convert it to a suppler invoice, and save it!

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