Why Use Breadcrumbs #

Breadcrumbs allow Products to be categorized to multiple levels, allowing better reports to be generated for each type (crumb) of product!

For example, a breadcrumb for a clothing store can be defined as Adidas > T-Shirts > Long Sleeve > Cotton

From the above breadcrumb, we can get separate performance/profit reports;

  • The Adidas brand – verses other brands the store sells
  • T-Shirts – verses Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Socks, etc
  • Long Sleeve – verses short sleeve, dresses, etc
  • Cotton – verses silk or other materials

Using the above breakdown, Raminian users can see profit margins on multiple levels!
Answer difficult questions such as:

  • Is the Adidas brand more popular, or a failing brand?
  • Do cotton products make us more money, so should we stock more cotton products?

Designing Breadcrumbs #

Creating a breadcrumb is easy. See the example above implemented below. The Breadcrumb Result tab shows the created breadcrumbs which can be used to link to a product.

Navigate to Products > Categories & Departments > Select the Breadcrumbs tab

Breadcrumb Results

Designing Breadcrumbs with ParentID’s

*Note: A parent cannot link to itself, and should have a blank “Parent ID”!

Sample Breadcrumb Report #

A sample profit report, which shows a breakdown by Breadcrumb

Report using Breadcrumbs