Raminian has an ever expanding list of integrations. Some functions don’t need the wheel reinvented, so we integrate with popular solutions do you can do more! #DoMore
These are configured from Options > Settings > Integrations

RaminianAPI #

An encrypted “Connection Code” shown here, is used for other tools which may require a connection to your database, such as WatchAndPrint.

Email #

You can send emails directly from Raminian (Your email providers SMPT settings are required).

Documents such as Customer Invoices or Supplier Purchase Orders can be sent as soon as they are issued.

Don’t worry if some of your computers are restricted from accessing the net, we allow you to use an “Offline Folder” which will get processed by another computer which is allowed to send emails!

Use the optional CC and BCC to enforce other addresses to received your email. Even if the user removes these addresses, they will automatically get added when the email is sent.

Email Settings

Offline Email #

Simply set a UNC (network) path for the setting OFFLINE EMAIL EXPORT FOLDER. (Example: \Other-PCPublicShare)

If the internet connection is not available while sending an email, Raminian will simply store the email in the shared folder (from any user).

When any user successfully sends an email (when internet is active), then the pending emails in this folder will also get checked and processed.

Quickbooks #

Allows Raminian to connect to your Quickbooks company file, which in turn allows you to view Customer Aging balances.

This allows users of Quickbooks to control sales terms & credit allowances during sales with actual data.

The Customer Aging data is reloaded periodically in the background.

*Use our QBProcessor application to export data from Raminian into Quickbooks.

RabbitMQ #

RabbitMQ is an open-source message broker (queue) software, which Raminian uses for its Chat program and other notifications between users.

This allows you to communicate Raminian Objects to other users such as a document.


  • Chat Function- Video below
    • You can also PUSH a document from Held or Doc Search to a user for their notice!
  • Raminian Document Service

We’re still growing functionality for this, suggestions are most welcome!

Mpesa Manager #

mpesamanager.cecypo.com is Cecypo’s MPESA integration hosted on a secure server which consumes the MPESA API.

While it’s a standalone application, our API allows Raminian to connect to live MPESA transactions for your sales/bank entries!

  • Works with Lipa Na Mpesa (Till Number)
  • Works with PayBill Accounts
  • STK Push directly from Raminian (popup payment message on customers phone)
  • View all transactions, consumption status and customer details from the app

Mpesa Manager is also integrated with SLACK and MICROSOFT TEAMS!

Slack Commands:

To use STK PUSH: /mpesa {phone} {amount} {account}

To use TRANSACTION STATUS: /mpesacheck {TxnID}

How to Request MPESA #

You can push a popup message on a customers phone via the STK PUSH function by MPESA

Payment Entry in Transactions

Enter the phone number

  1. Click REQUEST to request payment via MPESA. You will be asked to enter a phone number, or one will be loaded from a CONTACT, if pre-selected.
  2. The Customer will get the following popup message on their phone. Older phone will not get this automatically, so they can simply pay and add the ACCOUNT NUMBER “1338”.
  3. Once the customer pays, the CHECK button can be used (multiple times) to keep checking if the payment has been made.

Sample message seen on customers phone

DropBox #

If you have multiple disconnected databases (in various locations/branches), you can use Dropbox to push a product list from your ‘SENDER’ database and your ‘RECEIVER’ databases, when logging in, would automatically check if there’s a new data file to import!

You can push

  • All product properties (product name changes, cost, price, price levels)
  • Customers (including their pricing level setting)
  • Suppliers
  • Product Offers
  • Internal Deliveries

eCommerce #

Our eCommerce integration allows you to, near instantly, build an eCommerce shop!

We’ve integrated with WooCommerce which runs on WordPress, which powers nearly 30% of the worlds websites!
Various plugins, such as PesaPal, allow you to provide checkout for visa/mpesa/etc. Extend your webiste & grow your business!

You can sync your website with

  • Product Properties, including stock/inventory count
  • Product Images
  • Extended Properties (available from Products > Product Images)

For Sales

  • Import customer details as entered on the website
  • Import the sale as a ‘Sales Order’ which allows you to control and confirm payment status


Raminian is integrated with various SMS platforms. Easiest one to use is our own, hosted at bulksms.cecypo.tech.

Learn more about our BulkSMS solution here.

  • Customer Purchase Thanks
    “{CustomerName}, thank you for your purchase of {SaleValue} from {MyCompanyName}!”
    If Loyalty Points is active, the message will get appended with “Points earned: 5”
  • Send Account Balance Information
    “Account status at {MyCompanyName}
    0 to 30 days: Zero
    31 to 60 days: Zero
    61 to 90 days: Zero
    90+ days: Zero
    Account Balance: Zero”
  • Quick Account Balance – which includes value of Post-Dated Cheques
    “Your account balance is 2,348,874.35 Your cheques balance with us is 50,000.00”

The quickest and cheapest method of getting started is to use SMSGateway.me – which allows you to your YOUR android device to send SMS directly from Raminian! Cost remains the same as your cost of an SMS!
Install the app > Signup > Copy your API Token & Device ID into Raminian.

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