KRA iTax Reports / VAT3 Returns

Go to Reports > Formatted Reports

The iTax Reports (TIMS) will use the month selected from the “FROM” field.

For each report, you should export to CSV as shown here.

Select NO, when asked to open the file.

Usually, MS Excel will open this file, but because the CU INV numbers are very long, they may end up having 0000 at the end, making them incorrect.

If the .csv file is opened in NOTEPAD, you will see the data is correct.

Simply import this file into the KRA sheet

Below are instructions for non-TIMS reports #

From Reports > iTax Reports, you can quickly and accurately generate your iTax returns file!

Each report is broken down by:

  • General Rated (Usually X or 16%)
  • Other Rated (Usually C or O)
  • Exempt (Usually E or 0%)
  • Zero Rated (Usually Z or 0%)
  • AND a Cash Summary value for sales made without a PIN
    (This value goes into the iTax returns field at the bottom called “Total Sales and VAT to Customers not registered for VAT (Ksh)“)
  • The QB section connects directly to your QuickBooks files to include any expenses which may not have been passed through Raminian.
  • HOW TO
    Select the required transactions type,
    Click on Export to CSV (this will open the folder where the exported CSV file resides)
    Open the iTax VAT3 returns excel sheet,
    Click on IMPORT CSV
    Select the generated file (for each type of Tax group)


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